Revolutionary in rejuvenate ageing skin

The N-lite laser is a revolutionary way to rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers only. As you have no damage to the top layer of your skin, you should have minimal downtime and most people are back to work the following day. Lower energy settings are used with this laser to ensure unwanted side-effects are kept to a minimum.

Anti-ageing treatments

For anti-ageing, N-Lite laser is used in combination with microdermabrasion. Studies have shown that N-Lite laser produces an 85% increase in collagen production and up to 65% reduction in wrinkle depth after one treatment! Laboratory based studies have also shown that the collagen synthesis is doubled within 72-hours of the first treatment. This increased collagen synthesis plumps up your wrinkles, making them softer and less visible. There is also a corresponding increase in skin thickness to produce a more youthful complexion that other dye laser systems cannot match. Ultimately, this laser rejuvenates skin quality and restores your youthful appearance

Acne treatments

The N-Lite laser is also a revolutionary new way to treat active acne as well as improving scars in late-stage acne. This type of laser light has been used for over 10-years to treat acne with almost no side effects. The laser first kills the bacteria that cause skin infections and also reduce the number of new eruptions for at least six months. The N-Lite laser then stimulates your own skin to produce collagen, improving the scarring. The collagen produced is your own, and does not degrade like injected collagen.

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