IPL Laser

The gold standard for photo rejuvenation treatments

IPL was invented by the manufacturers of our new M22 laser, Lumenis and is still considered to be the gold standard for photo rejuvenation treatments and management of small blood vessels. IPL therapy differs from other laser treatments as it delivers multiple wavelengths of light (lasers only deliver only 1 wavelength). As a result, the light from IPL is absorbed by melanin (and can be used to treat sun-induced skin damage) as well as oxyhemoglobin (can target vascularity issues).

By using this laser, we can reduce the appearance of your sun-spots, small blood vessel spots (capillaries) and the thick skin that appear after years of sun damage. IPL can also treat rosacea and open pores. Not just that, IPL treatments help stimulate collagen production under your skin adding to the rejuvenation, but is nonablative , meaning it does not damage the top layer of skin. As a result, you downtime is minimal with this laser.

When the IPL laser is used to manage small blood vessels, the light energy is absorbed by the vessel wall and causes it to break down. Many leg veins may need multiple treatments, often over a few months before the effect is complete.

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