facial fillers

At Swansea Aesthetics and laser clinic we use a variety of facial fillers to smooth out your fine lines and add volume to your face. We are led by Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Amar Ghattaura who will always ensure you get the best results possible with facial fillers. It’s through his years of undertaking cosmetic procedures that he has developed an expertise in the effects of skin ageing and how this changes the shape of your face and skin quality. Not just that, having undertaken facelift procedures himself, he knows the anatomy of the face inside-out, so he can ensure you are given a safe and effective filler, tailored to your needs.

Here at the clinic, we use both Regenerative and non-Regenerative fillers.

Non-Regenerative fillers

Non regenerative fillers add volume to your face by injecting hyaluronic acids. These are naturally occurring substances, found in your body so you know they are safe to use. Non-regenerative fillers are used for the treatment of naturally occurring folds and wrinkles on your face such as deep frown lines, nose to mouth lines, lip enhancement and fine lines around the eyes. These products add volume in a precise area to give you a natural, rejuvenated, smoother appearance.

At The SAL Clinic, we use Restylane and Juvederm.

Regenerative fillers

Ellansé, Lanluma and Radiesse are types of regenerative fillers, that not only increase your volume, but also boost collagen production under your skin. These injectables belong to a new generation of collagen stimulating drugs that produce an immediate and sustained improvement in your skin quality through bio-stimulation and are therefore ideal for correcting wrinkles and folds. They work by encouraging your cells to produce more Type 1 collagen, a type of collagen that is abundant in your body when you are young.

With Ellansé you will immediately notice an improvement in skin quality (density, firmness, elasticity, tonicity and texture), but the result is then maintained by the production of Type 1 collagen in response to the PolyCaproLactone (PCL), one of the chemicals in the product. The length of the polymer chain of the PCL is what gives Ellansé its unique longevity properties, and it can last from 1-4 years. The greater the length of the polymer chain, the longer-lasting the product will be. In comparison, regular hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane wear off at about six months.