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The Swansea Aesthetics & Laser Clinic has led the way in aesthetic treatments since 1996, offering laser skin rejuvenation, hair removal, facial fillers/anti-wrinkle injections and scar treatments. We also offer most types of cosmetic surgery, including facial procedures (eyelid reduction, browlift, ear reshaping), breast surgery (implants, uplifts, reductions), liposuction and tummy-tuck operations in our local private hospitals.

We understand that choosing the right team is essential to you achieving a great result. That’s why we only offer safe treatments with predictable outcomes that actually make a difference. Rest assured, your procedures will always be undertaken by fully qualified specialists in this field with years of experience. 

Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Get that glow back in your skin

We have some really amazing treatments at the Clinic to enhance your natural beauty. We want you to feel like the best version of yourself with natural looking results and glowing confidence!

What our clients say...

The Aesthetic Laser clinic

Ok. I turned 60 at the beginning of this year and had made the decision that I would invest in a procedure that would simply enhance what I had and contribute to me feeling the best version of myself. I didn’t want to have the ‘she’s had work done’ look. So, following a consultation at the clinic, I decided to go for the MaxFX CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. I loved the idea that this was almost a way of ‘rewinding’ time re: sun damage etc and would improve with time due to the production of new collagen. Post day 14 and I can definitely see results already and know that this is very early days. I have now applied mineral make up and this covers the redness which will probably last for some weeks. Even now, my skin looks rejuvenated and I see the benefits of ‘new’ skin appearing in all the aging areas of the face. If anyone opts for this procedure, I would highly recommend them doing so at the SAL clinic. The support throughout has been amazing. The procedure was carried out by the well renowned plastic surgeon, Amar. I would never have contemplated this treatment had I not felt that I was in such ‘safe hands’ 👌 Well worth the ‘downtime’ and the rollercoaster of the process of healing skin. Thank you Amar, Max, Caroline (X2) and Gail. I’m already very happy with my ‘new skin’ 👌 What a great team!

Laser hair removal

say goodbye to razors & wax strips

Achieve beautiful, silky smooth skin without the hassle, with our new Lumenis LightSheer Laser.

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Medical Skin Conditions

We're not just About Aesthetics​

We can help treat a wide range of skin conditions with our state of the art lasers.

Mens laser Treatments

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all the fun

Say goodbye to shaving, waxing, and other painful methods of hair removal. Laser Hair Removal is fast and convenient!